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Bunes Septic Service Inc

Superb preventative maintenance

When correctly installed and maintained, your septic system is an efficient method of treating your wastewater.


With our cost-effective maintenance, you can better protect your septic system and your home, avoiding more expensive repairs down the road.  

Call us and count on us to use only quality products to repair and maintain your septic tank.


Comprehensive, quality septic repair services

If you have an issue with your septic tank and it needs repair, our team at Bunes Septic Service Inc can help. Our experts will check for contamination and rectify the problem immediately. Call 218-326-2967 for a FREE estimate on all our services.

Repairs for functional systems

  • Install risers

  • Fix damaged lines

  • Replace defective pumps

  • Float switches

  • Check "alarm-on" situations

  • Holding tank pumping

  • Structural damage

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